Commercial Planning

Setting out a robust commercial plan is critical to every business – now more than ever. It is your roadmap to delivering the neccessary results for your business. The time invested in the plan is your most profitable time. It will yield the greatest rewards and not just financially. If constructed properly, your commercial plan will unlock insights into your own business which will enable increased efficiencies and reduce stress within the business.

It is imperative that you support your commercial plan with appropriate reporting suites that will enable you to course correct in good time to ensure your plan reaches its intended destination.

The Process

Step 1

Identify the key objectives of the business along with the core goals of the plan

  • Prepare a detailed analysis of prior year performance
  • Review learnings with stakeholders
  • Do current goals differ from prior year
  • Who are the key enablers of the plan?

Step 2

Collaborate with internal teams and management to incorporate the product, promotion, and multi-channel sales into a successful commercial plan.

  • Which customers or products will enable delivery of the plan?
  • Are your sales channels aligned to the market?
  • What investment will be required?
  • Assess your plans from your customers perspective
  • Develop a communication plan using their language

Step 3

Implement the plan through activating the various tactics within the strategy (e.g. customer and product focus, supply chain, NPD and pricing).

  • Align all stakeholders and enablers on their roles in delivery of the plan​
  • Set out time-frames and milestone delivery dates for activities
  • Develop department specific metrics and appropriate reporting intervals

Step 4

Monitor and analyse the results from the actions taken and liaise with stakeholders to collect feedback on progress.

  • Early recognition of obstructions is critical
  • ​Take prompt action to rectify issues
  • Structure opportunities for individual feedback on progress and organise support where required

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