Pricing Strategy

A clearly defined pricing strategy can deliver higher levels of confidence to your customers, give additional clarity to your team and drive year-on-year growth in sales. It provides a strategic pathway for increasing both output and profit. Understanding the price elasticity of your products, market sentiment and consumer behaviour are critical to delivering optimised sales and net margin. And while many businesses understand these concepts on a theoretical level, implementing strategic pricing strategies can often prove to be too difficult or too time-consuming.

This is where I can help.

I can develop a commercially-viable, market-sensitive pricing strategy which will provide insights on where your margin is delivered and how it could be maximised.

Some of the questions I ask include:

  • What is the existing pricing strategy for your business?
  • Who is accountable for ensuring that it is adhered to?
  • Is your margin delivered through your cost price or your selling price?
  • Do your sales team understand and implement it as a standard procedure?
  • Are your customers aware of it? Should they be?
  • How do you monitor and analyse it? And how often?
  • Is it effectively achieving the results that you envisioned?

The Process

Step 1

  • Analyse your minimum, maximum, range and average selling price by product and customer.
  • Create a comparison model against your cost of goods
  • Complete a purchase behaviour analysis

Step 2

  • Align key stakeholders to the findings
    ​Establish an understanding of why

Step 3

  • ​Categorise products based on elasticity, sensitivity and market competitiveness.
    Use this to understand opportunities to reduce your cost of goods
    Create dynamic pricing models to calculate the value of adjustments and potential upside

Step 4

  • Develop an implementation and communication plan.
  • Ensure all stakeholders are fully aligned to the strategy and what it means for them. 

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