Negotiation Skills & Strategies

All business interactions involve negotiation whether benign, passive or overt. The results are generally intangible against your business performance. The water cooler conversation could be a negotiation on cross functional support, budget management or sponsorship of an idea. Whatever the form or subject, it should always be conducted to deliver results in the win win space.

​The results of commercial negotiations are tangible and collectively can leave your business performance in neutral, forward or reverse. Positive outcomes may still leave you lagging behind your competitors. Win Win space is the optimum with everybody walking away feeling happy about the outcome.
Happiness is however subjective and can lead to unintended complacency when reaching agreement.

Negotiation Skills

What is negotiation?
Do your people negotiate effectively?
Who in your business negotiates on your behalf?
What is their negotiation competency level?

The Process

Step 1

Meet with the candidate(s)
Establish their personality type
Understand their competency level

Step 2

​Build a bespoke plan to meet individual or group needs

  • Negotiation Style
  • How to prepare your argument
  • Fact based negotiation
  • Identifying levers
  • The role of interpersonal skills
  • Communication

Step 3


  • What is the best format 
  • Decide on location of meetings – onsite, offsite or online
  • Duration of each session
  • Intervals between sessions
  • Follow up support required

Negotiation Strategy

What are your desired, optimum and essential outcomes?
Where is the power?
Do you understand the negotiation?
Who are you negotiating with?
​What is your counterparts position?
How to prepare for a negotiation?
Recognising the levers in play.

The Process

Step 1

  • Assessment of the basis for negotiation

  • Establish the facts

Step 2

  • Who will represent your interests?

  • Prepare a compelling position

  • Define required outcomes, Optimal, Desirable and Essential

  • Role play scenarios and potential outcomes

Step 3

  • What is your time frame for the negotiation

  • What are your preferred parameters for the negotiation

  • Decide how to engage in the negotiation based on learning’s from Step 2

  • Establish the most appropriate negotiation style

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