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Hi, I’m Brian. I am a Commercial Retail Consultant with 27 years experience in retail management roles within commercial, trading and operations departments for industry-leading companies. I’ve had the opportunity to deliver negotiation strategies, yield management, pricing architecture, commercial planning and executive development for both suppliers and retailers in the FMCG industry.

One of my key responsibilities involved managing €400m in turnover which required me to continuously (1) negotiate yields; (2) implement processes which optimise the supply chain, and (3) harness purchase efficiencies and dynamic pricing structures.

Under my remit, I have developed and implemented commercial and trading leadership structures internally, and externally in an advisory capacity to retailers. This has enabled me to lead a number of business transformation projects based on both strategic planning and emerging market dynamics. Finally, representing retailers at an international level has provided me with a thorough insight into markets, methods of working, and a broad network of contacts in European retail and wholesale.

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